Stylish Mounts and Lifts for Thin HDTVs

We marvel at how thin flat panel TVs have gotten and it stands to reason that these lighter, thinner sets would usher in a new wave of mounts and lifts. Naturally, mounts have gotten smaller and lighter offering some unique designs that were not possible with previous generation sets. Lifts conceal your TV when you are not using it, offering even greater creativity and integration into your decor. These eight models will hold, lift, tilt and swivel your TV for optimum viewing in any location.

Sanus VLF311-B1 $269.99
This super slim, full-motion, mounts sits just 1.25” from the wall, complimenting 37”– 55” ultra-thin flat panel TVs. A special gliding system allows the TV to extend from the wall, shifting left or right for ideal placement. At the touch of a finger, the mount’s angle is easily adjusted. A decorative cover conceals the assembly and mounting hardware for a clean appearance even when the mount is visible. A built-in cable management system organizes and routes loose cables, providing a clean appearance, without interfering in the mounts movement.

OmniMount –LEDW120 $149.95
Designed with aircraft-grade cable and aluminum alloy, the LEDW120 is a breakthrough Suspension System, that provides quick, safe and flush-to-the-wall mounting that miraculously hangs newer, lightweight LED, LCD, Plasma and 3D TVs from 42” to 75” just like a picture frame. While recommended for TV’s no more than 120lbs, loads 4x greater than this were tested without fail. Once mounted, a built-in kickstand supports the TV away from the wall, also facilitating hassle-free wiring. Special thermal polyrubber grips ensure the TV stays in place and doesn’t shift.

WallWizard ZA52 Motorized Swivel Stand $500
The WallWizard ZA52 brings the convenience of remote control operation to the benefits of a traditional pedestal swivel stand. Whether you’re shifting the panel to avoid glare from a window or trying to retain image quality while watching from off-axis seating, you’ll get up to 60-degrees of swivel in either direction with the push of a button. The ZA52’s built-in, learnable IR receiver learns the codes of whatever remote you’re using to operate you HDTV and puts you in the driver’s seat. It fits most 32-55-inch flat panels weighing up to 100 pounds. WallWizard has a complete line of motorized mounts, including motorized stand, tilt, and articulating mounts.

Chief TS525TU $549
The TS525TU is part of Chief’s Thinstall Series of swing arm, low-profile, full-motion wall mounts for 37”– 58” flat panel HDTVs (up to 125 lbs.). This ruggedly-constructed mount has a low 1.5” profile, yet, extends up to 25” from the wall. Easy to install, you can then adjust the height post-installation up to a full inch, with a lateral shift up to 16”. Requiring only fingertip pressure, the mount provide 15” of tilt for the perfect viewing angle. Cable covers and a wide wall plate make it easy to route power cords and interconnect cables.

Auton Motorized Systems – Dream Machine – starts at $13,999
Billed as the only “under the bed TV lift” this unique device folds up and slides underneath your bed until you are ready to watch TV. You can get a model that allows the TV to swivel up to 360-degrees atop the lift, or one that keeps the TV in a fixed position facing the bed. The two types are available with a maximum load of 70 lbs or 120 lbs. The Dream Machine fits under the bed frame and ships completely intact. No assembly or modification is required and installation only takes minutes. A wireless remote is included and the unit is warrantied for 5-years by the manufacturer.

Salamander Designs – Furniture Mate $599
This universal, floor-standing, flat-panel TV mount is an ingenious, hassle-free, VESA-compliant solution that can be used with existing Salamander (and other) cabinets. The fork-like base provides stability and fits under most cabinets. The steel column is strong enough to support TVs up to 60″ with a maximum weight of 110lbs and allows for variable height settings. It is also functions as a cable management system, hiding unsightly interconnect cables and power cords. It comes standard with a manual swivel for 30-degrees of movement left to right. The motorized swivel runs an additional $299, and includes a remote.

Diamond Case – Phoenix P7339 $4,499
This lift cabinet accommodates flat panel TVs up to 55″ and was designed to house up to five AV components. The drop down door in front of the TV cavity is perfect for either a center speaker or sound bar. Below it is a concealed bookshelf-style storage area for media collections. With an optional grill cloth insert in the equipment door, a subwoofer can be concealed as well. The back panels are removable for access to equipment connections and an internal cable management system ensures a clean, clutter-free, installation. Cabinets are custom ordered in the customer’s choice of finish and color.

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The Future of Retail?

Jon Summer started Cyber Sound and Security in 1995 and understood from the beginning the importance of creating a showroom that allowed customers to experience what they were about to buy. However, when he and Jason Beatty, Cyber Sound’s VP, visited the Savant Experience Center in downtown NY, they decided to completely revamp their showroom to demonstrate residential installations in the most realistic way possible.

When you enter the Cyber Sound Experience Center you instantly feel comfortable in this smartly decorated home,” says Jason Beatty. “We hired a local interior designer, Est Est Inc, to help us get that loungy, mid-century vibe.”

The idea behind the new center is to actually show how products can be seamlessly integrated into the decor. It’s one thing to tell a customer what’s possible and another for them to experience it themselves. They show how it’s possible to have all sorts of technology –multiple TVs, iPad controllers, docked iPods, speakers in every room, etc – without compromising the interior design.

“All of our TV’s are hidden behind panels that move out of the way, or they’re on a lift that allows the TV to drop into a cabinet,” explains Beatty. “Sonance speakers are all over but they are either completely hidden or designed with such an extremely small footprint, they virtually disappear.”

Styled after Savant’s Experience Center, the heart of Cyber Sound’s design is around Savant and Apple technologies. Savant makes the only home automation system using the Apple platform because of their quality products and it’s stable and powerful eco-system. iPads and iPods are used throughout the facility on desktop docks or mounted in the wall. In fact, they are so simple to use that when customers pick them up they just know what to do. Intructions aren’t required.

Other features include Savant’s surface [coffee] table with an embedded touch screen, a 24” touch TV in the powder room, and various TV’s with Savant’s On Screen Display that allows full control of of all devices and systems in the Experience Center – just like it would be in someone’s home. The bar area has four Runco TV’s that can independently display it’s own program or all can be used to display one large picture. The high-end theater is uncompromising featuring the most up-to-date technology and products available today including Digital Projection’s Titan Reference 3D projector and Stewert Filmscreen’s Directors Choice screen that allows masking for any size image. Our line of Crestron Control Systems are a leading provider of home control systems, building control systems, and campus control systems.

Most homeowner’s want dual purpose room’s and the Cyber Sound Theater is more than it appears when you first walk in. Finish the movie and press a button on the iPad. A seperate screen and projector drop from the ceiling. Grab a club and some golf balls and start playing on one of 65 plus courses around the globe using the TruGolf simulator from a company called The Konstruct.

You can’t just pop on over to the Cyber Sound center and get the full VIP treatment. However, when you set up an appointment, you’ll meet with the sales team and project managers. Customers are given a tour of the building and all the operations so they can see the extent of the services provided. With a staff of 57 people, Cyber Sound distinquishes themselves from other custom integrators with a fully integrated support team that includes their own electrical company, Cyber Electric, and an IT company, Cyber Technology. Saving the best for last, customers are finally lead into the Experience Center, where they are encouraged to just “go play”.

“In our experience everyone that walks away from our new center is amazed by the quality of our work, the simplicity of our systems, and, ultimately, they just get it,” concludes Beatty. “They finally understand what a great system would be like, and are far more motivated to make it a reality in their own homes.”

Photography by Tony Hernandez

Company Info

Cyber Sound
Jon Summer, President Jason Beatty, Vice President
16559 N 92nd ST, STE 115
Scottsdale, AZ 85260