Submit A Project

What We’re Looking For

We’re looking for photos of your installation whether you are a professional installer or weekend DIYer. The photos should be clear and well lit. Professional-quality photography is preferred and given first consideration. In your initial email provide a brief explanation about what makes your theater special. If we choose your submission, further details will be required that will focus on the key highlights and features of your theater. We really like to hear of any challenges you encountered and how you overcame them.

We like to see a couple of “before” shots, only if you did major construction that really transformed your environment. Otherwise, only send images of the completed theater room. Close-ups of the equipment racks (watch for glare when photographing), front and back, are also welcome.

  • Send between 2-4 of your best photos of the completed project
  • Each photo should be in the jpeg format [xxxx.jpg], sized between 600-1000 pixels wide. Please do not send the original high resolution files (but have them available upon request).
  • Photos must be individual files, not embedded into a Word document
  • Your initial description can be in the body of the email. We will contact you for additional information when we have accepted your submission for publication. (Be aware that we don’t run images only, they must be accompanied by an article. DIYers, if desired, can still remain anonymous.)
  • Please indicate if you are a pro installer or a DIY reader when making the submission. Also, if you are the homeowner contacting us, but your theater was professionally installed, let us know who the installer was in your initial submission.

Where To Send It

Please send an email with no more than 2MB of photos to: