Onkyo’s Latest Networking AV Receiver

The cost of entry for all the bells and whistles of a networked AV Receiver is certainly affordable with the new Onkyo HT-RC370. This network-capable receiver supports streaming PC audio and Internet radio from music services like Pandora, Rhapsody, Napster, SiriusXM Internet Radio, Slacker, Mediafly and vTuner. It’s also compatible with Windows 7 and DLNA-certified hard drives. There is also complete compatibility with the recently announced UWF-1 Wireless USB Adapter that provides an IEEE 802.11b/g/n connection to access music on a home network. The Internet connection also simplifies the process of future firmware updates.

This is also among the first AV receivers equipped with the new Marvell Qdeo 4K video upscaling processor, which can upscale video to 1080p and beyond, providing as much as 4K of horizontal resolution, regardless of the source resolution. While 4K video display technology is not on the market yet, this new processor will easily handle upsampling of current-source material, and future- proofs this AVR.

THX certified, the HT-RC370 is a 7.2 channel surround system that uses Audyssey DSX or Dolby ProLogic IIz processing to provide alternative height or width channels in a way that surely gives the NewTek line a run for its’ money. As you would expect from such a feature-rich AVR, the HT-RC370 supports lossless high-definition surround sound via Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio codecs. Also included is Audyssey MultEQ XT for advanced room equalization and Dolby Volume for optimal sound performance at any volume setting.

A front-panel USB port offers a direct digital connection for an iPod or iPhone, along with support for audio playback from USB storage devices. The USB port even supports album art from your iPod/iPhone. An Ethernet port (required for networking) and Onkyo’s proprietary Universal Port (U-Port) are included on the rear panel with a host of AV inputs as well as several HDMI 1.4 connections that are 3D-compatible.

The HT-RC370 is available this month with a suggested retail price of $849. A lower-end model with few features, yet, is still network-enabled is the HT-RC360 for $549.

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InnerFidelity Launched With Tyll Hertsens As Editor-in-Chief

Keith Pray, Publisher of Source Interlink Media web sites, is thrilled to announce the April preview launch of InnerFidelity, a new website dedicated to playing well with personal audio.

Reviews and topics will include headphones, headphone amplifiers, and portable media players, as well as articles on USB DACs, computer speakers, iPod/iPad docks, network players, streaming players, and portable device and computer applications. Tyll Hertsens (founder and previously CEO of HeadRoom) will lead the charge as Editor-in-Chief to uncover and expose all the great gizmos and gadgets that bring the world of music to your ears.

As a sister site to the online properties for Stereophile, Home Theater, Home Theater Design, Ultimate AV, and Shutterbug, InnerFidelity will focus on the world of “Personal Audio” as experienced through the ears of experts and enthusiasts.

InnerFidelity Forums are a perfect place for you to ask questions and get advice from our staff and seasoned hobbyists. InnerFidelity will also develop community projects and organize events in the forum areas.

InnerFidelity will also cover and participate in various aspects of the headphone hobbyist community and feature: DIY kit reviews; DIY builds; forums for community inspired headphone measurement projects; and attendance at community sponsored events.

We look forward to seeing you at www.innerfidelity.com, and helping you keep in touch with the world of great personal audio.

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Non-invasive TV Wall Mount

Perfect for condos and apartments, Lodging Innovations new Soft Mount system is completely non-invasive. It doesn’t require any large holes be drilled into the wall for cabling and can be attached to a single stud. The SoftMount is sheet rock friendly and contains all the mounting and cable management you will need. The mount is only 1.25″ thick adding very little depth to today’s already super-thin TV’s. The rear of the panel is sealed and vented to provide adequate ventilation for your TV.

The mount is made from ultra-light MDF material that is available in several options. The prime coat finish allows you to paint over it the same color as your wall or special order it with your wall color matched already. To create a contrast against your wall it can be ordered in Satin Black. All mounts can come with a smooth or plastered texture finish. Mounts come in various sizes to ensure a proper match with whatever size TV you want to mount. They can only be used with newer and lighter sets as the maximum recommended weight is 60lbs.

Price varies depending on size and doesn’t include professional installation. Check their website for details and a dealer near you.

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