Interiors By Style

Browse these five categories and be inspired by exceptional theaters, at various budgets, in your favorite interior design style.

Integrating old-world designs and furniture, these theaters will transport you to another time and place.

With their clean lines and tasteful decor, these theaters are comfortable, roomy and well suited for media rooms and spacious dedicated theaters.

Step into these theaters and you’ll actually feel like you’re in a commerical movie theater, especially when the curtains pull back to reveal the large projection screen and you smell the freshly made popcorn in the lobby.

These kick-back theaters will get you thinking about how to transform that extra bedroom, garage or basement into a relaxing haven for the whole family.

This is the one category that inspires all of us the most. It’s always interesting to see how a person’s favorite movie, TV show, or concept is translated into a fascinating and immersive theater experience.